About Us

Illinois Alpaca Farm- Sarah & JeremyJeremy & Sarah started our suri alpaca farm in 2006. While our history is in education and publishing, we have found ourselves a future in alpacas. We were both enamored with the suri alpaca when we first encountered them, and despite having no previous livestock experience, our suri alpaca farm quickly earned a reputation for our knowledge of the suri breed, and now we are known for the quality produced by our program.

We both work towards the same goal, to raise beautiful animals we enjoy for a life that is as rewarding financially as it is edifying and enlightening. Our alpacas have become another commonality to bring us even closer together, and our favorite days allow us to work side-by-side with our alpacas, or travel around the country together, or enjoy a visit with some of the many friends we have made along our alpaca journey. While we are one of the younger couples raising alpacas, we hope to be one of the first of many that will become the next generation of alpaca owners and breeders.

Our Breeding Program

Our breeding philosophy is unique from many farms you will meet today. Most farms select their livestock on show records or fiber statistics. Our program is focused solely on production and genetics. We breed for suris of all colors, however we specialize in breeding for dark colored suris that produce high quality fiber and exhibit strength of pedigree for passing on those traits.

Why Peruvian Alpacas?

Good alpacas were imported from any countries of origin, however in the Peruvian importation we find data that was not recorded in importations from Chile and Bolivia. This includes micron measurements, in addition to an overall scoring evaluation of imported alpacas. As part of our selection process, we evaluate more than the fiber on the alpaca in consideration. We track fiber statistics and offspring production data back to the time of importation to give us a total picture of what the alpaca is capable or can be expected to produce. We have found this to produce the most consistent breeding results.

Our Ideals

We believe strongly in our vision for the alpaca industry and in the suri alpacas we raise. We have always been a “no kill” alpaca farm and we always will be. While others in the industry endorsed developing an alpaca end market, we instead emphasized responsible breeding practices that are aimed at improving the suri breed. While we respect the right of our fellow alpaca breeders to profit off their alpacas as they deem appropriate, we are proud to assure our clients that they are not supporting such practices when they purchase alpacas or fiber from us.


We have purchased the majority of our foundation animals from farms that have previously purchased from us. Some of them are from our own breeding decisions. Nothing says more about the quality we believe is produced by our program. We offer unlimited support and consulting to insure the success of our clients. We also offer discounted marketing services to our clients in order to help them establish their farm effectively.